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Madison Lint 2001​-​2004

by Mark Lint

Chad 02:59
You’re weak, you speak haltingly You feel, you think sketchily You want to want desperately You don’t, you won’t, depressingly You’re leaving nothing but a hanging chad A piece of tissue of tissue with a little scab A small annoyance in a world so sad So doubt your doubt, and flag your flag And sick your sickness on your drag And seize the slowly sinking slag of you And all your mess is getting cold And all your food is feeling old And all your bugs are dressing bold ‘Cause soon your dreams’ll start to mold Aren’t you the loudest thing you’ve heard? You think you’d never slipped a word It seems your vision’s blurred You speak, you freak cautiously You tweak your needs constantly You seek to seek endlessly You don’t, well not especially well Seize the slowly switching sides of you
Used to believe that I was pretty damn smart And I still do, I guess Though I know now that that has very limited uses And it doesn’t do much to keep me out of a mess Used to believe that the be all and end all Was to think our way out of this idiocy And while I still know it’s a requisite to not be a Republican That only gets you just so far Used to believe that if there isn’t a God Then there still must be some kind of force under the world And though that may be I don’t think it matters in the least. Pretend what you can stomach, hey, whatever gives you peace Who cares what I believe? Just shup y’all now, and stagger where you please Do you believe? I don’t care. It doesn’t matter what you think or say When what you do says otherwise And what most of us are doing is work And we will work and we will work And then come home to other work And the illusion of vacation doesn’t make you less a jerk And when your leisure’s a reaction to the sucking things upon you So the time that you kick back in Is spent kicking back at the rest of the time What the hell could it possibly matter what you’ve got to say about it You can talk about the system, but you’re in it, and you are it So who cares what you believe? Just shup y’all now, and stagger where you please What we think we might achieve is most often still diseased As we define ourselves in terms of something foreign Used to believe, when I grew up I’d be a god I honesty did, sort of When you see yourself expanding as a kid You can imagine that it’ll keep that pace forever, but it won’t And though your thoughts get much more nuanced And you get over stupid fascinations With what first might seem trippy or divine You might no longer think you’re clever When you “break out of the box" 'Cause you can see that you live in it And your head is full of rocks Just shup y'all now and leave
I’ll rent the sky for you Make it the bluest blue over you I’ll get the birds to sing Melodies only God could think I’ve ordered the universe to be on its best behavior But there’s only one thing I can guarantee I’ll be yours to keep I’ll bring you the atmospheres Of all that I know you hold dear I’ve brought in the sounds and smells Of all that you love so well And there’s only one thing I can guarantee I’ll be yours to keep And if the bluest blue becomes a darkening gray And if those atmospheres chase all the birds away I know it’s still okay if the world misbehaves I think, I know you’ll still be happy 'Cause all you want is me And whatever else will be will be I’ll be yours to keep
Stop 04:03
You terrify me, all of you You dent the space that I live through Your sweaty and invading hands Your constant and implied demands Just stop making me nervous Just stop stealing my peace Just stop boring me senseless Just stop looking at me I’m lost for words, I’m not to plan. I shrink inside me if I can My spinal cord is poised to strike Well, I don’t judge, but I don’t like Just stop making me conscious of not feeling myself Just stop feeding my sadness Stop bleeding my health Your emotions spear me through I feel two inches close to you I’m feeling scarce and out the door I’m wanting to cling to you more Just stop leaving me lonely Just stop making me boil Just stop feeding me envy Just stop being my foil Just stop scaring me badly Just stop feeling me sink Just stop loving me sadly Just stop making me think
Long drawn suffering action Losers us all around We keep our distance for to feel ourselves Our roots burned into the ground And if we singly should drop or be thrown down We hope to collect on the love that we're owed And we can break those who would dare to defy us Remove them, lock them away Lock them away, now they’re gone while we stay The wreckage caused is without us The tragic just passing by When you're the one who's just lost all that he has It's harder, then, to deny And if we don't want to live with each other We close eyes, as we may If we're disgusted by some parts of ourselves We remove them, lock them away Lock them away, now they're gone, there they stay Lost and criminal actions Emerged from sources we've traced What do we find if we examine this Other? Hate I don't want to face And so we close up and strike out again Reacting as people have always done Gather our decency and common sense, and Remove them, lock them away
Ring of Fire 02:43
Boatyard 03:38
In the boatyard I believe you When you say you feel the mast collect and cast on through In a warm space between your eyes There’s no pain in spilling droplets as you capsize When the hair below your temples stands itself on end And your brow unfurls to heaven till you sleep again In the boatyard I can see you Though we lack collective dreaming I can need you In a moment I’ll be with you I’ll be drifting off to sea world with my head opened wide In gaping moments when the lake floods in And off floats my medulla and I don’t control Relationships or work, or sex or maintenance Of home or my accounting or the way I want to go Then I unfold In the boatyard I believe you When you say you feel the heaving, well, I’ve been there too In a warm space, spraying outward Careful wash of euthanasia pointing onward When you care the mold is simple and it’s got no end If you’re pulled below the deck to take it yet again You can flake out to the pulse of what I’m feeling inside Waking headfirst open wide
And with the pain in your head comes something else And when you’re gone, I can feel it in myself And I am on and on and off again And when I’m on I don’t need your help Wave, your life is passing Wave and smile and down we go Take my lovers Take my friends Take my good intentions Take them, cast them to the wind Wake my anchor Wake my wrath Wake my inner pissing Wake it, thrash it, mix me up with love Wave to Mommy Wave goodbye Wave until your hands rot off Because they will, I tell ya, soon enough
Do you trust me? Do you hate me? Though you mock me You still date me And you know why One forward Two backward Said absurd Say that word You’ve got fourteen, let seven go I think that finally You understand me So you can truly Be set against me Tight against me One forward Two backward Sweet absurd Say that word You’ve got fourteen, let seven go
Cold 07:19
In this cold I feel something wrong? In my nose, on my lips and tongue Kissed this dog I just met Is that wrong? I forget I‘m starting to Slip and falter much too often Feel my frozen eyeballs soften Feel my blood; it’s slowing down Lose my sense of sense, of center Areas I should not enter Beckon me to hang inside them Knowing I’ve already tried them Asked myself, am I really here? Can I help feeling what I fear? I don’t arrest myself, don’t indict myself Don’t belittle, beat, or spite myself But this northern clime is beating me And I’ve let in time that’s cheating me Shake a pen to spell out the abrasions Even then, I’m asking for invasions Of rocks and stones and sticks and bones And things that might have hurt me in the past Come around, they come around, and their irritations last And I’ve known, yes I’ve known what they’re chasing for In this weather my life looks piss poor Some regrets just won’t leave In this cold I believe Pleading for some slim reprieve I’m starting to Feel my fingers turning rotten Relive actions best forgotten Coming back to sink on me Feeling pressure on my shoulders Shouldn’t I, by now, be older? Long outgrown the stink of me Wiped that stupid wink off me by now
Feeling Time 03:07
Hey, ho, watch you go Tint my memory with a passing glow Changing all, I think, I don’t know for you Fine, fade, passing time Seal my senses with a glossy grime Drawn in full and resting my mind on you I feel I hope You won’t look back on me and feel you have to look away You, when I was mine Come off empty with an ass in line Maybe the years will take off the shine from you Love, loss, aftertouch Pray the premise won’t amount to much Pretty darn free, but left in the clutch of you I feel I hope You won’t look back on me and crack on me and Fade out into black on me and wither into fact on me and Feel you have to look away Hey, ho, watch you go Wipe my memory with a glancing blow Changing what, I don’t care to know, for you
Billie Jean 05:11


Herein lie the recorded leavings of Madison Lint, my band upon coming to Madison in the early '00s. It's the closest I've ever had to a jam band, and I simplified my writing style somewhat to make space for soloing and vamping. These were the highest caliber musicians I've worked with before or since, and we tried very hard and played out quite a bit, even getting a manager in our last year.

The recordings here span four different groups of sessions starting in September 2001 and ending in March 2004. For all of these, the instruments including solos were all played live as a band, with only vocals overdubbed.

Throughout the life of the band, rhythm players (and keyboardists) wandered in and out. By the end of our run we had 5 drummers and 4 bassists in town who knew our set and could potentially fill in at a show.

This band also coincided with my having kids and getting my first full-time, post-academic job, and I'll blame those factors for us only finishing the recordings that were required at any given point for demo purposes. When the band broke up, we had a few demo EPs out and a number of unfinished tracks. I picked at these from early 2010 through late 2015, which is what I'm thus calling the "release date" for this album.

As of Sept. 2022, I've come to terms with the fact that I'm not going to remix any more of these, not going to finish the two tracks that my band New People has since already recorded, not going to do any more overdubs (though I did finally now add a little marimba recorded in 2015 to one song), so instead I'm laying out the band as it was: a ragged, energetic, nimble group who laid open my very concise pop songs. However, I did do some equalization and other processing now on many of these tracks now to try to make them sound consistent.

The album proper should be considered tracks 1-12. Then there are some alternate recordings, and to wrap things up I've thrown on five tracks from our best-recorded show, from April 2002. This was before we became particularly tight, but with my favorite five-piece line-up. It was great to hear again how this group interpreted my older songs, with each of my four previous albums represented here plus another cover.


released November 27, 2015

Mark sings lead, wrote most of the songs, beats on a nylon-string guitar, recorded and mixed the studio tracks, and did whatever counts for mastering for this release.

Jim Low played the lead guitars and sang harmony. Plus he was the main songwriter on 8.

Jim Turk played drums or percussion on most of the tracks, with Marcus Looze on 7 and 10 and Steve Petrinko on 12 (on which he also sang).

Ken Keeley played bass on most tracks, except Tom Broeske played it on 5, 8, and 9. Ken sang occasional harmonies.

Erik Anderson played keys sang harmonies on 1-3 and the live tracks. He played violin on 6, 11, and 20. Luke Palmer played keys on 7 and 10. Edison Carter played them on 12.

Album art by Charles Valsechi.


all rights reserved



Mark Lint Madison, Wisconsin

Catchy, homespun tunes ranging in style from power pop to folk ballads to alt country, laced with a sense of the absurd.

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