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Might Get It Right

by New People

Fallen Sun 03:33
I guess you are a fallen sun Lost beneath the horizon No light, no heat to touch our skin Just a glow in the distance Well, you caught our eyes When you changed the tides Never rose above to light our way I guess I'll have to let you go Except that now I'll never know The part of you that faced away The things that kept your light at bay When the morning called And the dark still sprawled Found another sun to light our way You get what you want Not what you need You take a stand Down on your knees
Celebrity 02:35
I should be a goddamn celebrity I excel in asininity I can’t handle responsibility I should be a goddamn celebrity I want nothing but more clothing I feel nothing but self-loathing I feel something destined me to be on a post card I don’t care to exert much energy I don’t know if I’m worth what they spend on me I’m the only one out here kicking me Off the brain cloud I’ve gone off to a place that’s beating me I don’t seem to be what they’re feeding me I know everyone else that lives with me I should be a goddamn celebrity Goddamn celebrity Goddamn, I worship me Goddamn Elvis me
It’s a walled off space and I want it It’s a walled off space and I want it And I got it It’s a walled off space and I thought it It’s a walled off space and I bought it So I got it Yes I got it You used to love me Now I’m comin’ down It’s a walled off space and I bought it It’s a walled off space and I fought it But I got it Yes I got it
Summertime 03:37
In summertime, it's all alright The smell of grass and barbecue Is like a sweet perfume You're out and running in the park Feeling sun upon your skin The flowers are in bloom If I make it through to June This is what I'm gonna do Wander out into the trees With a bottle of fine wine Laughing and with you It's open wide And everyone's too occupied to tell you what to do You've got the time To let it ride Hiding and biding time Waiting in my room Waiting out the gloom In summertime you're not behind You're right there where you're supposed to be Beneath your favorite tree It's pretty as the sun goes down You're smiling, you're just hanging' round In pleasant company You can breathe the open air And sigh with pleasure not despair Cause everything's OK Praying for a summer day to make me feel like I'm OK Though it seems so far away
You knew my name, and you liked some things about me You knew my aims, just because I’m a man You reached a finger out with perfume splashed upon it And I reacted like a spinning fan You did not know about the way I fixate on something My narrowed vision and the lock on my heart You could not know I would be all consumed about you I would be eaten up with longing for a round of Divine intervention I thought you were my divine intervention Could really use some divine intervention To fix up my heart I’ve got this setup that cannot go on much longer I’m speeding headlong towards a big, black wall I’m running out of what you need to reinvent yourself and I’m near unconscious in a long, slow fall But with you saw a glint of hope in all this A bright horizon at the top of the cliff A known illusion, but it didn’t matter, did it? A golden chariot to give me a lift, it looked like Divine intervention I nearly had some divine intervention But I don’t know which kind Does your glow surround and heal me? Does your gaze burn out my eyes? Will your magic impregnate me? Or break all my ties? I’m not the type to attract this attention and I Just can’t believe that I might be your one It’s just a need that will not relent impels me A little madness might count as fun Come be my divine intervention Come down and be my divine intervention Could really use some divine intervention I got to have some divine intervention To heal up my heart
At the Time 03:32
That autumn night Rode the bus across town Long, empty ride just to find Maybe you would spend some time From the side Watched you for a long time But you never smiled, never smiled You watched it all with cautious eyes When I was passing time with you I never noticed but Now that it's over I find It's on my mind The time we spent together How you never smiled, never smiled You brought me closer with your eyes I guess my pride It kept me from the kindness I had in my mind, in my mind But never really in my life It was really the best thing I had in my life The best thing I had at the time With you
Local 04:13
We’re extremely local We live around you Thoroughly local You can’t avoid us Exclusively local We’ll never leave you Exhaustingly local I don’t want to suck up to you I feel uneasy Finding out where you want to go ‘Sa hell of a master plan We’re going nowhere I hope you understand We’re scathingly local We linger ‘round you Obtrusively local We welcome you, we’re local Fantastically local We always hear you We’re forever local We’re gonna stay with you I just don’t have that much to prove This feels sleazy Bothering all the people you know I hope you can understand You make me queasy Finding out where a dude can belong Maybe know who I am We’re going nowhere I hope you can understand
Stone 03:30
On the beach I lost myself in shallow pools Foamy reach Water on my legs By the moon I wandered drunk for far too long When I reached The fire you were And I was alone And when the alarm rang You weren't at home By the fire I drank with strangers in your place And who knows What spirits I took in? Told them all About the way I saw you last Cold as stone Your eyes were cold as stone
You tell yourself how it's gonna go You'll take your time; you won't lose control You've got a plan: the same one you had last time You've made up your mind Never thought it wouldn't be hard But you imagine you'd rise to the part But in the moment, you feel yourself swept away By what they say You let 'em right under your skin It's over before it begins Begins again You're not the one who's making the scene You don't know how to move in between You're just a face in the wrong crowd and They are pushing you out It's not about cutting you down to size They've got their plans; they've got their designs It's not about putting you in your place You're just taking their space
What you want from me is exactly what I want to be I’ll sing the words on key, though the actions be beyond me I’ve got the moon to sell you, and I’ve got to tell you That I want us to be happy What you want from me is exactly what I want to be I’ll say the words, all three: I will try, I love you, I’m sorry I’ve got the moon to sell you; if that don’t propel you Then my words might seem empty What you want from me is precisely what I want to be To be engaged actually in all that we want to be I’ve got some time to time to spend, and this is not the end The pit in my stomach will eventually mend I owe my life to you, and if you want me to I can change Change what you want from me into something that I might achieve Please try to believe there’s nothing fundamentally diseased And if I try to hold you, could you try to feel through What’s dividing you and me? What you want
Ladder 04:09
You might find a ladder in disguise You could hear a phrase that makes you smile You might find a way that calms you down You could find a place where you feel found If only you'd try, you might get it right If only you'd try, instead of sitting aside Yeah, aside, well if only you'd try If only you'd try, you might get it right You might feel a kindness that's sincere You might leave behind the things you fear You could find the time to take your time She might be the thing that slows your stride Yeah, you might get it right
Tolerated 01:59
I'm tolerated In most circles I'm tolerated In most circles they think I'm OK They don’t care if I fall asleep at their parties. They don’t care if I show up with nothing to say They don’t care if I burst out with something inappropriate They don’t care if I take a little advantage They don’t care if I borrow some stuff and it breaks They don’t care if I drink so much that I piss myself Cause I’ve got what it takes I'm tolerated in most circles, but not yours I guess I’m sorry for whatever I said that offended I guess I’m sorry for using too too many words I guess I thought that my natural charm would kick in And would make up for being me, you see Because I come from a line of selectmen with no social skills It’s a wonder we bred before all getting killed But I know I’ve got something to add to posterity: a living will! In most circles they think I’m okay In most circles I’ve been in today In most circles I just stay away


These recordings were produced over about a year (late 2011 through late 2012), with many goings-on among the band members (some tendinitis, a new baby, a completed PhD and subsequent job search, a spouse going to grad school, and a podcast that really took off) bringing our live-playing to a halt and making our jam sessions less regular. So these songs are, with some exceptions, less road-tested than those on our previous albums, but consequently with some more in-the-studio fun, since we were using a cleaner palate.

"Might Get It Right" is a line in Matt's song "Ladder," and it gestures at a running (and unintentional while we were selecting and recording the songs) theme: it's about how we the people make ourselves, how we distract ourselves, how we see ourselves. These aren't songs about hitting rock bottom or partying all night, but about enjoying free moments, passing infatuation, getting nostalgic, indulging petty jealousy... about feeling unappreciated, disappointed, or left adrift. They're about trying to make yourself live up to expectations, about maintaining your long-term projects: about steadily, or not so steadily, pushing onward and upward.


released March 16, 2013

1,4,6,8,9,11 written by Matt Ackerman
2,3,5,10,12 written by Mark Linsenmayer
7 written by Linsenmayer/Ackerman

Matt plays guitars and the occasional keyboard. Mark plays bass and the occasional percussion part. Nate plays drums and percussion. Everyone sings; Mark and Matt sing lead on the songs they wrote the words for.

Engineered/produced by New People, recorded in Matt's basement, mixed in early 2013 by Jake Johnson with the band at Paradyme Studios in Madison, WI. Cover art by Genevieve Arnold.


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Mark Lint Madison, Wisconsin

Catchy, homespun tunes ranging in style from power pop to folk ballads to alt country, laced with a sense of the absurd.

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