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Impossible Things

by New People

I'm drunk and at the top of my world And it’s a beast I can’t explain things to I’ve gone and made it easy to curl me up At least I make a smaller target that way For pressing things congeal on my head Please leave me sleepy instead and less overwhelmed 'Cause life's just tearing by at an uncomfortable pace I’m open to impossible things The fortune future will bring down around these statues we are I am, that is, I don’t want to change, I think At least in a way that will freak me out or something But pressing things are closing around me And they threaten to drown me in a million small ways 'Cause life's just tearing by at an uncomfortable pace for me My life's just ripping by at an uncomfortable pace I’m drunk and at the top of my world And I’ve been here before though the lighting has changed And it’s bright and it’s good and it’s warm and it’s fine And it’s as scary as hell and it’s the best I can find And I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it At the quickening edge of my prime 'Cause life's just tearing by at an uncomfortable pace for me My life's just tearing by at an uncomfortable pace
The Answer 02:53
You opened up your mouth And not a word came out Is she still standing there? Did you think that she'd just wait around? Well, have you found your way? Learned from what you had made? When she's slipping away Do you know all the right words to say? The answer is no The answer still is no And on you go With nothing more to show You stood on your own legs And were pushed down again Well, are you strong enough? Can you stand up and hold your own ground? Well, can you let it go? Move on down different roads? You're not still holding on Do you think you can ever forget? Watch her walk away Your fist is clenched again You've seen that look before Seen that look before
Stalk 04:17
I was standing at your door Half ready to call, half ready to leave Four a.m. outside in the cold No one around to notice me When I look in through your window A part of me, it touches down On your velvet pillow case Your breath is deep; I don't make a sound Can I stay here? Can I stay with you tonight? Darlin', you even know my name
Wanna cover it up with a big noise Till it tastes like any way out ‘Cause I’m tired of myself in a big way Unless that’s not what this is about And I’m self-absorbed, I know, and you Don’t feel like you should sympathize When you’re hit by someone every day Then you’re not gonna see through their eyes It’s the great forgotten lover And it’s ninety percent proof That you’re steaming away in an old firetrap While I’m stamping on the roof It’s time to look at myself and continue Feeling lonely and tired and fat It’s only the regular day to day And not a bad one, I know, at that And so you’re making the sign of the tiny violin To mock me while you’re feeling used But if you feel like you’re lost and you’re special Then I’d expect to feel confused Wanna make of myself a new man Wanna throw out my old rotten brain Wanna be as serene as a snowman Wanna keep you from my pain I want to take you out and prop you up And help you on your way I don’t know if I’ll be what you need But I’m trying somewhat every day It’s the great forgotten lover And it’s ninety percent true That while you’re eaten away, I’ll be there every day And probably smiling back at you
I Still Want 03:58
I still want it, can't drop it Time passes, the feelings don't It's beneath me, and I should be A thousand miles from where I stand I want you to be watching over me I want you to see every time I bleed I want you to be right here next to me Feeling when I feel, bleeding when I bleed No, I just can't believe I'm the only to see You've moved on, forgotten Least you never let it show It looked different from where you sit Guess you'll never know When I bleed
Will you still be needing me? Do you find it hard? Are you still the someone else I’m supposed to guard? Look, you shook off the lines that enfold us You stretched them much too far. Please sleep with me. Would you still be leading me If I was full grown? Would you still become my life If I found my own? When we figure our chance and we find that It’s not completely blown You sleep with me You’re pretty, pretty Preetah Now that I behold you hold you I wanna know you like know you I wanna roll you like a soldier back from the war You knock my socks off You clean my rocks off You love me Will you please believe in me When I'm almost there? I’ve enjoyed a meal or three Creepin’ through your hair Your reflection is mine, and I told us You corporate the air And sleep with me
Lucky 04:41
Don’t say what you need Just take what you want without regret But don’t you hang on to me Just to keep you afloat Don’t say what you mean Just waste time sending mixed signals How hard could it be (oh no) Who are you worried will see? You better open your eyes While I am till in sight cause I’m just a step away From leaving you behind You better open your mouth While words are still worth saying Cause I’m just a breath away From putting words aside Where is it that you’d be? If you weren’t so tightly hanging on? Is it worth shedding me (oh no) For you to try it on Don’t stop looking around I hope you figure out what your after I’m not waiting around To find out if it’s me
Little Mina 05:19
Oh, little Mina, what’s the deal-a? How ya feelin’, honey? By your cries, I guess not well Oh, little Mina, you out-feel-a what is hurtin’, honey Mark it with your taste and smell If you wail, if you fail, and you fall Then you reach out and pull down Oh, little Mina, here’s the deal-a: Oh, no! Don’t bite me, don’t bite me Don’t bite me, no, don’t bite me Don’t bite me, I’m trying to tell you The whole (dumb) secret of life Oh, little Mina, it’s a wheel-a Just transcend it, honey As you turn and turn again Oh, little Mina, irony-a Is a fine companion Though it’s not your last best friend If you wail, if you fail, and you fall Then you reach out and pull down If you sing as you race through it all Then I promise you, I promise you… ow! Oh, little Mina, here’s the deal-a How you feelin’, honey? By your eyes, I guess not well Oh, little Mina, what I mean-a’s I would be ya, honey Feel your pain and cleanse your hell If you wail, if you fail, if you fall Then you’ll reach out and catch on If you sail through this place, then that’s all I could promise you, and I promise you… ow! Instead of the bad things, instead of the bad things You make what you are as I am
Ask Yourself 04:59
You’ve got nothing up your sleeve Your best trick is not to leave But you can’t seem to pull it off Your feet stay planted but your mind’s like gone Ask yourself why you don’t go home You don’t want to be there Ask yourself why you don’t look up What would you see there? Why is it that you don’t pick up What would you say then? Ask yourself why you're not at home Cause then you would be there You keep mapping it all out But then you take a different route You can’t find a brid ge between What you do and what you need Why do you look away? You know that it’s just a game Why can’t you just laugh along And say the things you should say? You don't want to be there You don't want to be
Honest Judge 05:15
I understand it's hard to remain an optimist When the honest judge calls your cup a quarter full But the decent man might still lie to himself To make it seem alright or make it seem better still But in the face of the inevitable Which man is proved the greater fool? Oh, your honor, I'd like make a case for the worse There may be something at the bottom or the other side But we're falling in the meantime I'll be falling in the meantime The judge comes down to wade through the disarray Of broken men, swear they were born that way Change for the better starts from the bottom up But at the bottom is a ground that's just waiting to drop out The judge waxes apathetic Under the weight of the impossible You expected time to sort it out You expected something better Oh, in the wake you lost the will to wait For resolution to never come Yeah, we're falling in the meantime I'll be falling in the meantime
Trading Away 05:00
One leads to another And the passing of days Not as easily lived through As they’re traded away When you struck out in anger When you were silent and cold When you were walking with eyes closed Where did you think you it would go? One thing led to another Another led you astray But you were left where you're standing With no reason to stay When you’re pushing words at them They don’t believe what you say Can’t you see it their eyes? As they’re backing away Twisted up like an oak tree Standing in open air It's like your trapped beneath something heavy That’s no longer there One thing leads to another Another leads you astray And you're left where you're standing With no reason to stay I guess you thought you’d have other days You never knew that you were trading away
Manager 04:13
Knock to your eyes, it’s a new compromise It has come in disguise as a man of peace And with new blood in hand he will state his demand For a place in the band and brand new lease And he’s knocked down the door, this one you’ve waited for And he’ll set up the tour for a random fee In the end, he believes, if he works, you will leave So he won’t, but he’ll lock us, and damn the key Scrape your manager up off the foyer floor You tracked that scum in here; now sweep it back out the door In the cup of the gods, flaming sets you at odds There’s a few many bods here around these necks So don’t save what you can, all we need is a plan For to dash in the fan mail and sign the checks Common all, what ya say? Did we blow you away? Here in drunken fuck-bumble-town miles from jack As the last member quits, blame the man with the wits To rely upon garbage on fields of crack Scrape your manager up off the foyer floor Don’t track that scum in here; you leave it at the door And stay poor
Irresistible 04:33
The silence drones Time moves so slow You lose all hope That you can cope And now it sweats Hangs like a threat What can you do To make it through? Bite your tongue, but it gets loose Clench your jaw, but it breaks through There's really nothing you can do The silence droops You feel so cooped What can you say To get away? And now it burns Your stomach churns What have you got To make it stop? It's irresistible
Find You Out 03:39
They're gonna find you out You built it; they bought it So flawed and contradictory But they don’t know the half of it You hope they never will You willed it; you want it A part of you embraces what Stands out upon your face is Just the tip of your nose Though you ought to clear yourself out So you’re fit to be seen You think it’s much too late for that And you can never be clean You did it; you done it You went and followed through And now it’s eaten right through you And it cannot be denied You use it; you ooze it Your inner core will choose it And you’re never gonna lose it 'Cause it’s gotten inside. You’re hiding in the open You hold in place to not be seen You choose your words so carefully One slip and you’ll die You’re in it; you're on it This trip you’ve come along on. Press your lips to hum a song And quiet each muted cry And though you’d like to like to open up to someone Share it around You’ve got to keep on missing You can never be found And when they do Oh, their faces They’re gonna beat you ‘til you’re ground


This album was recorded in Matt's basement in Madison, WI between Dec. 2009 and Nov. 2010 by New People, with mixing and mastering at Paradyme Studios in Dec. 2010/Jan. 2011.


released February 9, 2011

Matt Ackerman: guitars, vocals
Mark Lint: bass, vocals
Nate Pinney: drums, vocals

1,4,6,8,12,14 written by Mark
2,5,7,9,11,13 written by Matt
3,11 written by Nate

Mixing by Jake Johnson
Mastering by Bill Maynard
Cover art by Ken Gerber


all rights reserved



Mark Lint Madison, Wisconsin

Catchy, homespun tunes ranging in style from power pop to folk ballads to alt country, laced with a sense of the absurd.

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