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High energy, self-motivation tune. Written spring 2014, recorded mostly July 2015. Originally written with the intention that Lucy Lawless sing it.


In place of a soul, I’ve got tendency
Got a leaning, I’ve got energy
I push headlong into a tumbling whirl
Of my own, of my own, well, I don’t know what
I am driving, I am pressing the keys
I am losing what’s left of my periphery
I am forward essentially
I am motion and force, and something too fast to see

And my eyes focus out to a point and refract
And I will pierce every door; nothing fails to react
And I will overcome all the crap that I drag
I am not asking the world, I am not asking the world

I demand it, I insist
If I must give a reason, well, consider this fist
I demand it, I require
You mistake what I make, and all the love I inspire

In place of a soul, I've got irony
In the space of a conscience a rock
In this peace my belief is a 15-ton truck
If I hold out my hand, you will shiver, will shiver
I am driving, I am pressing it down
If I fly at this speed, I will be sleeping around
I am forward, I am all the way
I'm a mistake of the future we'll all be some day

Don’t be put out or fooled, or cover yourself in drool
I’m a person, a person, and not a force of nature
Don’t be one of those guys who puts feet in his mouth
I am lonely and done, I won’t save you, won’t save you

And my eyes focus out to a point and refract
And retract and turn black and go back and attack
And relax and distract and react and react and react…


from Songs from the Partially Examined Life, released December 4, 2015
Featuring Geoff Esty on lead guitars, Steve Petrinko on drums, Ken Keeley on bass, Daniel Gustafsson on organ, and ML on vox, rhythm guitars, and some lead guitar lines.



all rights reserved


Mark Lint Madison, Wisconsin

Catchy, homespun tunes ranging in style from power pop to folk ballads to alt country, laced with a sense of the absurd.

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